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Everything In The Universe Is A Vibrational Frequency.
The Vibration You Match Will Be Your Reality.
Different Frequencies = Different States Of Mind
Master Your Mind.
Raise Your Vibration.
Magnetize Your True Reality!

Did You Know?

Meditation rewires the brain, restructuring neural pathways, giving us access to altered states of consciousness.

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Sound Healing

The basic principle of sound healing or vibrational medicine is to restore the correct vibratory resonance to that part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony.

Frequencies To Restore Balance


  • Delta Frequency: 0.1–4 Hz=linked to deep sleep, healing, recovery and rest, some deep meditative states of consciousness.
  • Theta Frequency: 4–8 Hz=improved deep meditation, creativity, state of consciousness found in shamanic work, and sleep in the rapid eye movement (REM) phase.
  • Alpha Frequency: 8–12 Hz=relaxation, learning, flow states, stress reduction, state of meditation, more regular when eyes are closed.
  • Beta Frequency: 13–30 Hz help promote focused attention, concentration, problem solving, increased energy, found in normal waking state of consciousness.
  • Gamma Frequency: 30–100 Hz=high level information processing, peak awareness and memory recall
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  • 174 Hz: Relieving Physical & Energetic Pain, Gain Sense of Safety
  • 285 Hz: Healing Wounds & Pain, Cellular Tissue Regeneration, Gain Wellness
  • 369 Hz: Removes Fear, Guilt, Shame, Negativity, Increase Being Grounded & Connected 
  • 417 Hz: Undoing Situations & Facilitating Positive Change, Reconnection With Divine
  • 432 Hz: Opening Heart Chakra, Higher Level of Spiritual Development (The Frequency of Earth)
  • 528 Hz: Forgive Grievances and Release Fear, Make Space For Miracles & Unconditional Love
  • 639 Hz: Create Harmony in Relationships, Boost Communication Skills
  • 741 Hz: Powerful Clear & Creative Personal Expression
  • 852 Hz: Clear Inner Vision, Connect With Wisdom & Intuition of Higher-Self
  • 963 Hz: Experience Divine Consciousness, Heal From An Eternal Sense of Oneness


Frequency Healing Music

Sound Healing Meditation Tracks

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations & Free Replays of Monthly Mass Meditations-Offline Download Optional

Benefits Of Meditation

-Connect With Your Higher-Self & Soul Family
-Uncover & Transmute Traumas
-Activate Your DNA
-Remember Past/Future Lives
-Shatter 3D Illusions
-Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression
-Reduce Inflammation, Dis-eases
-Rewire your Brain
-Improve Memory
-Achieve Deep Sleep States
-Boost Immune System
-Raise Your Vibration To Connect To All Dimensions & Timelines!

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