AWP's Mission

AWP's Mission

Do you feel the need to connect with surrounding nature and our fellow creatures? Do you wish to collaborate with others to heal our Earth, creating harmony and cultivating the world we wish to live in?
Become An Earth Tribe Volunteer in Your Community Today!

AMM has created a Non-Profit Trust, Awakening World Project (AWPs), with the vision of healing our Mother Earth back to her natural state, to ascend higher into New Earth, 5D and beyond! 

With YOUR help, Volunteering on our Special AWPerations, we have the opportunity to clean, plant, heal & synchronize again with the Organic Energies of our Ascended Mother Gaia, who is aching for our assistance to return Home. 

Awakening World Project (AWPs) started with a small idea that rippled into a larger impact to bring Healing and Awakening to All Souls, including our Mother Earth as One. This can only be accomplished when we come together and understand the part we play as consumers, and our responsibility to keep our planet clean and balanced by being kind to our Mother Earth.

The more special AWPs ImPacks we can send out, and the more AWP Tribe Volunteers we have in your local areas, the larger the impact we have to recover our natural habitat, protect our air quality and soil, and promote restoration of natural cycles once again. 

By cleaning up unnecessary damaging waste scattered around preventing natural growth, decluttering our air quality to reduce pollution, and by replanting flowers to nourish the environment, bring pollination to bees, and increase positivity, we have the potential to revitalize our energy systems back to their natural flow states.

When replanting plants and flowers back into the ground of our Mother Gaia, we not only increase the oxygen we breathe, but we also replant our ecosystem back into regenerative cycles. Planting flowers brings a symbiotic relationship with bees, can increase energy for nature and help people feel relaxed and secure. In turn, when we take care of our Mother Planet, who is alive and conscious just the same, she will return the favor, and hold us in Harmony. 

AWPs Volunteer:

🌍Become an Earth Tribe Volunteer!🌍 Simply begin to clean up waste and replant life into your local areas.

All you have to do is begin cleaning waste and/or planting plants and flowers in your community. Capture photos or videos of yourself or with your group of friends doing the work, having fun together, restoring nature!💙🌻

Tag Awakening World Project's Social Media to be featured as an Earth Tribe Volunteer in your community, and watch as we work together to transform Earth into harmonic healing frequencies, all around the world! 🌍💎🌈

Get an official AWPs Earth Tribe Volunteer T-shirt to represent your impact on the world! (Only pay the shipping fee)

If you wish you receive AWP's ImPack Gear such as garbage grabber tools, gloves, bags, etc., including FREE AMM crystal bracelet, to clean/ plant, we can send that to you! (Again just paying the shipping fee)

Earth Tribe Volunteer T-Shirt!

(Choose between white, black or gray colors and your size, Just providing the shipping fee.)

Submit Photos/Videos:





AWP is a Non-profit Trust that is funded by a portion of proceeds from customers purchasing AMM products, (5% of total at checkout) or via donation option. You can trust that your purchase at AMM will be impacting the world positively by suppling an Awakening World Project ImPack to an AWPs Tribe Volunteer around the world to assist in renewing and replanting our planet. 


AMM knows that Material Matters! You can trust the materials used in our AMM apparel and AWPs Packs are made from eco-friendly sustainable materials. Our focus is to establish healing within, which starts with only using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials from the outside. 



Gaia is referred to as the Ascended or Upgraded version of Earth, into a higher dimension, into 4D/5D and beyond. This is where we are headed as a natural organic progression of ascension. We must be aware of this subconscious shift ongoing, and the part we can play in upgrading the frequencies higher, to allow our manifestations to take place in the physical! 5D and beyond is equivalent to the feelings of harmony, balance, peace, gratitude, compassion and love for all as One.


Additional Ways You Can Help Our Environment:

Buy locally, start a garden, reuse water bottles and replace other single-use products, recycle, replant natively, renew organic products, ride a bike for transportation, be mindful of your water use, unplug unused charges, turn off unused light switches, collect rainwater for gardening or other reuse, pull invasive plants, switch to organic non-toxic products, look to see where else you can help in your local communities and other conservations projects!

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I do a lot of these things already. And it’s wonderful that this project is spreading these habits. Breathe

Sandra Lee

I already have a volunteer group called The New Earth Heros recognized by my city!! It feels so good to pick up trash. I hope one day everyone will stop what they’re are doing an go outside and just start picking up the trash!

Laken Shoemate

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