Headphones For Sound Healing

Headphones For Sound Healing

We get asked all the time why we recommend headphones during our sound healing sessions. Here are some reasons why over-the-ear headphones, or bone conduction headphones, and not inner-earbuds, and why it matters. 

Sound frequencies are waveforms and resonances traveling through the air at a various range on the sound spectrum. In order for the healing vibrations to enter our bodies, and have physical healing ability, it needs a mode of transportation to convert the waveforms into the sound we audibly can comprehend and interpret through our ears, which is through the headphone devices. 

Due to the fact that humans can only detect and hear within the frequency band spectrum of 16 Hz- 18,000 Hz (waves per second), this means frequencies outside of this spectrum are not heard, but only felt, or absorbed within. 

Different headphones have different ranges of frequency spectrums that can help minimize loss of those frequencies outside of the spectrum that we can only interpret with our human ears. That is why it is important to research the widest frequency spectrum band that gives you the most optimal experience of sound healing, as sound healing music uses a wide range of low and high frequencies we are unable to hear, that have the effect of keep our bodies vibrating in harmony.

Inner-earbuds have unfortunately been linked to many negative effects on the body, from damaging inner-ear canals, and reshaping the inner-ear completely, ear infections, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. That is why it is safer on the body to use over-the-ear headphones, or bone conduction headphones.

Over-the-ear headphones have been proved too be the most effective in supplying the fullest, widest range of frequencies and resonances for the most optimal sound healing experience. 

Bone conduction headphones are a newer device sits on the outside of your ear, on your cheek bone, or zygomatic arch and transmit the frequencies instantly through the cochlea. Instead of headphones or earbuds that pick-up waveforms transmitted through the air and into our eardrum, bone conduction induction headphones transmit the sound vibrations through the cheek bones, vibrating the information through the cochlea, transmitting into mechanical vibrations that can be heard without the ears, and instead of using our eardrums, leaving the ear open and free. 

Sound-based vibration treatment has been shown to help people with pain from arthritis, menstrual pain, postoperative pain, knee replacement pain. Sound-based treatment has even been found to improve mobility, reduce muscle pain and stiffness, increase blood circulation, and lower blood pressure.

Check out our high-quality new and upcoming headphones collection and begin to improve your sound healing experience today! 

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