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Become an Earth Tribe Volunteer!🌍

Simply begin to clean up waste and replant life into your local areas. No sign-ups, No email lists and No subscription needed!

All you have to do is:

  • Begin cleaning waste and/or planting plants and flowers in your community.
  • Capture photos or videos of yourself or with your group of friends doing the work, having fun together, restoring nature.
  • Tag Awakening World Project's social media. (See below)
  • Simply observe as we work together to transform Mother Earth into harmonic healing frequencies, all around the world!
  • Get an official Eco-Friendly AWPs Earth Tribe Volunteer T-Shirt, Once Your Media Is Tagged, Representing your Impact on the World. (Only pay the shipping fee)

If you wish you receive AWP's ImPack Gear, such as garbage grabber tools, gloves, bags, etc., including a FREE AMM crystal bracelet, to begin your clean/ planting experience, you can purchase that as well, in the Earth Tribe Products Collection:  Earth Tribe AWPs ImPack Gear – Awakening Mass Meditations

Any questions? Check out Awakening World Project page on our website for more information: AWP's Mission – Awakening Mass Meditations

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Protect Our Planet. Support Our Future. 

Clean Earth + Plant Flowers = Healing Powers! 

Clean. Plant. Heal. 🌎🌈

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