About AMM

About AMM

Awakening Mass Meditations (AMM) was created in 2016 by Nicole Gibbs, a Sound Healing Curator, Meditation Guide, and EEG Technologist (Neurodiagnostic Technologist), inspired by the astounding potential that Mass Intention has on our planet. When we unite our collective minds with one intention, the coherence we create is proven to access altered states of consciousness, lower crime, repel negativity, and raise positivity, health and happiness across the Universe. (Maharishi Effect & Dr. Joe Dispenza's Research)

After participating in Livestream Mass Meditation Events around the World, the impact of our united power was unfathomable! Awakening Mass Meditations was started to continue the ripple effect of potential possibility/probability we have as a Collective Consciousness, merged as One Whole, as we raise planetary vibrations for organic ascension, and restore balance and harmony.

With our intentions aligned with One goal, the light energy spark we have within all of our cells and within our heart begin to synchronize, creating coherence, begins to increase vibrational frequency, and magnetize our hearts to allow the Mass Intention goal to be created on the physical surface! 

Understanding that power we have within, especially merging together into a Oneness Intention, we are unstoppable! The health, high energy, and healing we intend in Mass Meditation allows us to create and manifest the world we desire and deserve to live in. 

Through visualization in Meditation, we are able to anchor our Internal Cellular Bright Light and Pure Unconditional Love into our Mother Planet, the Galactic's and Beyond! We can literally create our thoughts into reality. 

AMM offers Guided Mass Meditations that are Livestreamed on the 11th of every month on this website, as well as various social media platforms, for further reach and potential of our Oneness Goal.

In addition to Mass Meditations, AMM creates Healing Meditation Music, such as Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Frequencies, and other Healing Instrument Sounds, designed to align and balance our energetic body. With specific positive healing frequencies, the waveforms are designed to override and recalibrate the energy body system to ease into relaxation, activate the DNA, and harmonize your brain into natural states of consciousness. 

You can also find sustainable, trusted, eco-friendly products & apparel designed by Awakening Mass Meditations. We continue the mission of raising vibrations not just within, but to our conscious Mother Earth as well. Represent your awakened journey with organic materials, away from harsh chemicals that are damaging to our natural environment and body energy systems. 

Taking it a step further, AMM has created a Non-Profit Organization, Awakening World Project (AWPs), with the vision of healing our Mother Planet back to her natural state. Join our Mission, because with YOUR help, Volunteering on our Special AWPerations projects, we have the opportunity to clean, plant, heal & synchronize again with the Organic Energies of our Mother Gaia, who is aching for our assistance to return back to her balanced organic state. Check out the AWPs Mission For More Information and How to Volunteer to be a part of the Planet Healing Tribe in your local area!

May we all recognize the power to Awake Within, igniting renewal and rejuvenation for All, Whole, as Oneness.

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