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Calming Heart Healing Relaxing Frequencies | Piano & String Music

Calming Heart Healing Relaxing Frequencies | Piano & String Music

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This Track Includes Healing Tones of the Piano, and other String Instruments Designed for Healing the Heart Chakra, Soothing the Body, and Achieving Relaxing Deep Sleep States.

Different Frequencies React and Activate Various States Within the Body. Different Vibrations of Certain Frequencies Link to Examples Below:

Delta pattern: 0.1–4 Hz linked to deep sleep, healing, recovery and rest.

Theta pattern: 4–8 Hz improved meditation, creativity, and sleep in the rapid eye movement (REM) phase.

Alpha pattern: 7–14 Hz relaxation, learning, flow states, stress reduction.

Beta pattern: 14–30 Hz help promote focused attention, concentration, problem solving, increased energy

Gamma pattern: 30–100 Hz high level information processing, peak awareness and memory recall

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