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Binaural Beats Frequencies: 200Hz-300Hz Brain & Heart Healing

Binaural Beats Frequencies: 200Hz-300Hz Brain & Heart Healing

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Activate Brain & Heart Healing with a Binaural Beat Frequency Cleanse at 200hz-300hz.

These frequencies were intentionally created within an electromagnetic field to produce energetic tones. Each tone correlates with each organ or gland in the body using Quantum Reflex Analysis.

All sound frequencies are produced naturally using stringed or other natural material instruments, tuned and calibrated to A=432hz as reference pitch.

The frequency (measured in hertz) vibrate in alignment with PHI ration (The Golden Ratio Mean) close the symmetry of the Fibonacci Sequence found in the natural world.

200hz-300hz Binaural Beats Frequency Organ Association:

216hz: Hypothalamus

242hz: Brain

256hz: Heart

264hz: Thymus

270hz: Circulation

288hz: Maxillary Sinus/Deep Sleep

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