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Awakening Meditation Music: Binaural Beats 4-8 Hz Theta Cleanse | Deep Sleep & Lucid Dreaming States

Awakening Meditation Music: Binaural Beats 4-8 Hz Theta Cleanse | Deep Sleep & Lucid Dreaming States

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Enjoy this 4-8 Hz Theta Binaural Beats Cleanse, Created with the Intentions of Inducing Deep Sleep and Achieving Lucid Dreaming States.

How To Use Binaural Beats:

What you will need:

-A quiet and relaxing place to listen, such as your bed

-Between 15-30 minutes listening time

-Stereo headphones, because each ear hears the sounds in a different frequency and normal headphones won’t do that (See more info below)

-Your phone or another music system (such as an MP3 player)

-Eye mask (optional)

-Journal (Optional)

Steps For Lucid Dreaming with Binaural Beats:

1) Lay down comfortably Put your headphones, play the binaural beats, place the eye mask and relax.

2) Concentrate Have an intention. Have lucid dreaming affirmations and repeat them silently in your mind. You can also visualize, for instance, your dream scene.

3) Focus on the sound and relax. Leave your mind to wander. Try not to move your body at all.

4) Now is the technique! After 15-30 minutes, just before going to sleep, perform the intention from your lucid dream technique. Learn to have awareness within your dreams and take control of your destiny!

5)Journal It is key to journal your dreams right when you wake. Have a dream journal app or a journal and pen next to your bed to start gathering your dreams so you can start seeing the patterns and intertwining connections and messages coming through in dream states!

What Are Binaural Beats?

A Binaural Beat is an illusion created by the brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time. Your brain interprets the two tones as a beat of its own. The two tones align with your brain waves to produce a beat with a different frequency. This frequency is the difference in hertz (Hz) between the frequencies of the two tones.

When you listen to certain binaural beats, they can increase the strength of certain brain waves. This can increase or hold back different brain functions that control thinking and feeling.

Benefits of Binaural Beats include:

-Increased creativity and cognitive enhancement

-Reduced anxiety and improved mood

-Helping you enter a meditative state Improved sleeping habits

-Helping to improve focus, attention, and memory retention

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