How Often Are Your Aware Of Your Breath?

How Often Are Your Aware Of Your Breath?

How often do you notice your breath throughout the day?

The air that we breathe carrying the oxygen required for our cells to be healthy and creates balance beyond our human capacity.

Not only does our breath deliver oxygen rich blood to our tissues and organs, aid in our mental, emotional, and physical state, reducing stressors, it also allows our true light body form to connect to our multidimensional timelines, our past/present/future!

When we come into the space of all-knowing in Meditation, through the breath, playing with different rates of breathing while being aware, we connect to different memories stored in our memory bank, the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records is where we have the ability to remember all life experiences, like a library of all experiences, and we begin to see from a grander perspective the role we played in those experiences.

We chose the experiences every day to expand and grow our Oneness experience, gaining more knowledge and unconditional love for all beings, with non-judgement of their choices in the physical human form.

This is the power that the breath has! To tap into the Zero Point Field, unwinding karma, and ascending to vibrate even higher! This occurs simply by changing the pattern and frequency of our breath. Longer inhale, shorter exhale, inhale through one nostril, exhale out the other, etc.

Play with the breath. Master one of the many breathwork techniques. Notice your soul connecting to the unified field and tapping into the infinite intelligence of Source Christ Consciousness.

Here is a good exercise to play with the breath:

Take a deep breath, and just at that point after you have breathed in, as you are momentarily holding
your breath, focus a thought, an
image, or a feeling (it is to be
hoped, the feeling of love) down
to your heart. Then, when you
breathe out, you'll find that your
breath has been encoded with
your heart consciousness. It's
that simple.✨️
As you breathe in, your
body takes on a charge of this Universal energy. As you hold your breath,
your body builds this energy
charge. As you release your
breath, your body releases this
charge. This is a simplification
of the science of breath, which is recommended to be practiced regularly throughout your day.

-Awakening Mass Mediations

Awake Within. I AMM.

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