Green Facts

Green Facts

Did You Know?

A single plant is able to absorb 10.08% of CO2! That means if your plant 42 of these around your indoor enviornment, then you're covering the emissions released from charging your phone to 100%!

Plants, through photosynthesis, and soils sequester roughly a third of carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere each decade from the burning of fossil fuels. During photosynthesis, plants open tiny pores on their leaf surfaces to suck carbon dioxide from the air and produce their own food.


 The most basic way to prevent greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere (and warming up the climate) is by growing plants.

 Did You Know?

About 730 trees offset the average carbon dioxide released for each person's fossil fuel usage!

Grow Native!

Invasive plants can dominate really fast and are very hard to control, leading us to use chemical means or pull them up and expose the soil, releasing carbon. Planting Native species helps control these issues and maintains balance and increase biodiversity!

Additional Ways You Can Help Our Environment:

Buy locally, start a garden, reuse water bottles and replace other single-use products, recycle, replant natively, renew organic products, ride a bike for transportation, be mindful of your water use, unplug unused charges, turn off unused light switches, collect rainwater for gardening or other reuse, pull invasive plants, look to see where else you can help in your local communities and other conservations projects!

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