Join & Guide Future Meditations!

Join & Guide Future Meditations!

Greetings Light Warriors & Starseeds! This channel, Awakening Mass Meditations (AMM), is created to bring Awakening and Healing to All Beings! 

From Guided Meditations, and Healing Meditation Music, you can expect to find peace, connection, and Innerstanding for your purpose here on this beautiful planet.

*If it resonates with your soul and you feel pulled to Guide a future Mass Meditation for the Collective, please reach out to Nicole Gibbs or Email Awakening Mass Meditations.

Connect with your Tribe and find Community through Unity in Monthly Mass Meditations, designed to Lower Crime Globally and Raise Positive Vibrations!

We have the opportunity as a Oneness Collective Consciousness to create a ripple effect worldwide/multidimensionally to positively impact our planet and Ascension for All! 

Take Action & Join Regular Livestream Mass Meditations on the 11th of Every Month! Be A part of This Galactic Transformation! Watch for the Live video on the 11th of each month to join, as the timing of each monthly Meditation changes, to include all time-zones around the globe.

You can also Join Regular Monthly Livestream Mass Meditations Via Youtube, Zoom, Telegram or Facebook:

Zoom: 627 325 1011

Passcode: meditation

Youtube: @Awakeningmassmeditations



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