Collection: Awakening Sessions & Courses

Book an Awakening Session or Healing Course with Nicole Gibbs, the creator of Awakening Mass Meditations, an Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Healer.

●Book A Healing/Clarity Session: (15 minutes to 1 hour in duration)

Discuss your passions, curiosities, shadows, traumas, or any information your soul brings through in these sessions. Gain clarity and Align with your Higher-Self, Remembering your mission why you came to Earth with guidance and trust. This session will help you activate DNA and Awaken your Soul's Purpose!

●Schedule A Mini Course: (45 minutes to 1 hour in duration)

After a review of your spiritual focus for the Course, you will begin understanding/remember higher perspectives, merge with your spiritual path and raise your frequency to transform your life! This course will help you transition your dense physical human life, to a more expansive energetic light perspective of your spiritual mission as a whole. 

At the end if this course, enjoy a custom guided meditation tailored to your needs based on the Course information, activating your DNA to manifest your chosen desires and magnetize your reality!

●Workshop: Deeper Dive Course To Awake Within: (1 hour duration) MUST TAKE MINI COURSE PRIOR

This PART 2 is a more detailed Workshop Course, as a deeper dive from the Awakening Course. This is continued guidance to assist you reaching your soul's purpose and manifestations, as we discuss in the Mini Course. 

Continue your healing journey with intention and purpose to shift your mindset, and manifest your goals, and higher timelines. Discuss further with guidance how to create a plan to continue your spiritual transformation. Receive another custom guided meditation to answer your soul's purpose, stepping into your future with an open heart and balanced mind. Begin to magnetize your reality!  

What You Receive:

●15 minute-1 hour Sessions Available

●Discuss your journey, the positive and negative! May it be your passions, your shadows, weaknesses, curiosity, or traumas, and gain insight and new perspective to raise your consciousness and Align with your Higher-Self mission.

●Choose between Audio OR Video Session via Zoom

●Booking Times Will Be Set Via Email For Scheduling

●Receive Recording Of The Session

●Gain clarity in your mission and remember your incarnation!

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